Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My first post


Finally... I started my friendster blog :). I've waited soooo long to start it (eventhough I got so many invitations from my friends to join Friendster from long ago), mostly because I didn't think I could manage more than one website... as I already have one (SKY: Yaty's Place). But, well... I checked it out and decided that I should give it a shot. And anyways, I see so many friends of mine back home (from Makassar) that are members here. Some times, I need a break from English *grin*... and "speak" freely with my bahasa Ibu, which is Bahasa Indonesia with Ujungpandang dialect. Oh how much I miss all that Ujungpandang's thingy majingy: "ji... mi... pi... di'... ko... nah..." etc. etc. LOL. I miss everything about Makassar: the people (my beloved family and friends), the food, pete-pete and mess that they caused... lol, my office and my coworkers, the city... mmmm... I miss Pantai Losari!

Anyway... here I am... with my first post. And looking forward to write more (hopefully every day!) about me and my simple life...


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