Monday, April 03, 2006


It's not my first hanami ever (well, not really a "hanami" like in Japan... but considering it's hanami which literally means "flower viewing" -- hana = flower; mi = watch, see, view -- I could say that yes, it's hanami ). I went to see sakura years back in High Park, Toronto with my bestfriend, Tigin.

Yes, today I had a better hanami in downtown DC (got off at the Museum of Natural History to buy that cute "cherry blossom" t-shirt , then walked along the Mall towards Washington Monument and then end up at the Jefferson Memorial... such a loooong walk, eh?). It wasn't really a great day to view sakura... it was soooo overcast! I had to put my camera on "flash mode" all the time to get a better result... But it's cool 'coz I brought some spare batteries, JIC.

To see the pictures, visit my set at Flickr: Sakura -- Spring 2006

Jefferson Memorial and Sakura..

And then around 1pm... here comes the rain! Time to go home...

Ugh, now I feel soooo tired. Both my legs are sooo sore due to such a looong walk today. I'm sooo out of shape ... mulai battala' karena keenakan tinggal di rumah. Oh well... it's time to start exercising again! :)


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