Monday, July 23, 2007

Ooooooooooooii... Harry Potter!!!

HarryPotter7Yes, it's true. I'm a big fan of JK Rowling's series of Harry Potter. And so are my husband, my stepdaughter, my brothers, my nieces, my sisters, my inlaws... and so on. We're part of millions big fan of Harry Potter books all around the world. First "contact" with HP series when I was in Toronto... and instantly fall in love with it.

Today, I got the copy of the newest and, according to the author, the last book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's a gift from David, he pre-ordered it from months ago with good deal for a deluxe edition. It's a bit pricey compare to the other hardcover one... but hey... it's a gift... and more, it's from my Cinta! *wink*. Actually, it arrived on Saturday (July 21st), but we were not home and since it requires to be signed by Amazon, we had to wait 'til today (it was driving me crazy the whole weekend!), so David went to fetch it this morning at the post office. It came with a very nice box... and one line on it makes me laugh: ATTENTION MUGGLES: DO NOT DELIVER OR OPEN BEFORE JULY 21!

Zahra and HP7Unlike the previous 3 books that I finished reading in 2-3 days, it is most likely impossible for me to do the same with this one. I could "ignore" housework (in fact, as I type this, Zahra's poopy diapers are already piled up hiiiigh in the sink, hee hee), even ignore David (but still love you, Cinta!), but it's impossible to ignore my little cutie Zahra... though I was just nursing her and at the same time "stealing time" and continuing to read my book :). Oh yeah, she's not only "reading" it, but drooling on it and even tasting the black cover, hehehehe. Look at the picture... she's sooo serious "reading" the page ;).

Since it's hard for me to concentrate on reading the book while taking care Zahra, I gave David the chance to read the book at night (after work). It's been just a couple of hours since he started reading, and he's already couple of chapters ahead of me :). That's ok... at least I have company to discuss some interesting parts of the book (so far, so many!!!).

Ok, gotta go. Now that Zahra's asleep, those poopy diapers need some TLC, hehehe. Ah, Harry Potter... can't wait to continue reading it again, tomorrow. And if I'm lucky, I can finish it tomorrow (or at least catching up with David). Heh, in my dream!!! LOL.


  • July 24th. David bought a 2nd copy at the Borders for less than 20 bucks (good deal). Not as fancy as mine... but at least he doesn't have to wait 'til night time to read it. Oh BTW, he finished it already (at 9:45pm). And now he's bugging me to finish mine soon. He's dying to discuss the book with me. Be sabr, Cinta... be sabr... *wink*
  • July 26th. DONE!!! Not bad... 3 days (I thought it would take me forever to finish it) with my very busy and tight schedule as Bunda, hehehehe


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